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Here you will find what Keiler Coaching Services, LLC has to offer you as a cyclist. If you have any questions about the KCS Packages, please email Bill Keiler directly.

Monthly rates and other services:
One-day evaluation with Wingate Power and Conconi tests, Identify goals and training issues. $75

One-month individual cycling program with a specific
goal at the end. $250

2nd month. $200

3rd month and each successive month thereafter. $100


Individual Junior Program fees

Summer long                                $400

Year Long (November through October)                                   $850


Discounts available for CUEVAS and ACT members. 

Please ask for pricing.

Yearlong program for Juniors, Espoirs, Seniors and Masters:

-Assess individual goals.
-Identify individual training objectives.
-Prioritize races.
-Develop a yearlong training program that emphasizes two
peaks to coincide with two A priority races.
-Implement a weight/cross training regimen for the
-Conduct 4 Compu-trainer tests to assess the progress of
the client throughout the year.
-Access to a specified Keiler Coaching Services, LLC Coach
via the telephone and/or email to help answer and
questions or concerns.
Skill clinics and/or Training rides available anytime at the specified coaches house.

Summer program for Juniors, Espoirs, Seniors and Masters:

-Assess Individual goals.
-Identify Individual training objectives.
-Prioritize races.
-Initiate a workout program to help the client obtain
results for the specified A priority races.
-Skill clinics and/or Training rides available anytime
during the three months the coach has been contracted for.
-Co-mputrainer testing once a month during the contracted
three months.

Individual Espoir/ Senior/ Master fees:
Summer long (Any 3 consecutive months from May to September)


Year long (November to October)
$500 and up

Kirk Carlsen stage 8 victory
2005 Le Tour De L'Abitibi

Jamey Driscoll sprinting to his 2nd stage win
at Le Tour De L'Abitibi

Coach Keiler
Catamount CX 2003

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William Keiler- Owner
192 Pleasant Street
Littleton, NH 03561